Chabako 茶箱 is a Temae performed with a box which contains all the necessary utensils to prepare tea along with a Kensui and a Tetsubin (or in modern-time, somtimes a hotpot) placed on a Binkake.

There are several variations of the Chabako temae but they all fall under one Chabako Kyojo. The permission is usually given along with Konarai. But there are those people that think they should be given only after Shikaden as they incorporate some advanced movements that are only seen in Okuden. In fact it used to be given out after the Shikaden permission so it is a more recent occurrence that it is given at the same time as the Konarai Kyojo.

Chabako temae is special for Urasenke and related schools. Omotesenke, for instance, has no specific Chabako temae although they do practice and use Chabako and other related utensils. (Please note that Satsubako which is a Shikaden temae is not a chabako even though a box containing the Chaire and Natsume is used).


There are a lot of faulty study materials about these temaes, only trust the Green Books. There are many more differences between each of the temae in this group than some other books would have you believe.

Unohanadate 卯の花点
Wakeidate 和敬点
Yuki 雪 – Winter chabako
Tsuki 月 – Autumn chabako
Hanadate 花点 – Spring chabako
Shikishidate 色紙点