Chaji – First Seki

Guests pass the fuchidaka as usual but each guest begins to eat as soon as he/she has taken their sweet and kuromoji pick, purified and haikened the box, and passed it. As soon as the Shokyaku is finished, he/she turns to tokonoma, bows, looks at scroll, bows again and goes to kama, haikens it, then tana if there is one and leaves, out nijiriguchi. Prepare rojizori for next guest. then return to koshikake (or proceede to nai-koshikake, if there is one). All follow in order, with tsume, after putting the fuchidaka back to sadoguchi, closing the nijiriguchi with a nice sound. Shokyaku repeats what he/she did at the koshikake first time out and waits there for other guests. Properly one waits for the Teishu‘s signal to return before going to the setchin but if you CAN’T WAIT, take your chances.