Chaji – Leaving

As in the beginging of the Chaji, there is a Aisatsu in the end. Teishu reenters the room and have a individual Aisatsu with each of the guests. He should also thank Tsume for the help. Shokyaku tells Teishu that there is no need to see them out. There is a final bow from Sadoguchi with all the guests.

Each guest Haiken Tokonoma and Kama before leaving. Outside, after putting out Rojizori for the next guest, Shokyaku steps out of the path. Each guest moves along the path to make space for the next guests. In the end Shokyaku will be closest to the tea room, then Tsume. Jikyaku will be farthest from the tea room. Teishu will open Nijiriguchi and make a final bow. From Nijiriguchi Teishu will see the guests off. When he can no longer see them, he closes the door.

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