Chaji – Machiai

In Machiai the guests should Haiken the items put out. The first thing is always Tokonoma. The guests can see where the Shokyaku is meant to sit by how the Tabakobon is placed, since he sits in front of it.

After all the guests have arrived the Hanto or the Teishu, if there is no Hanto, will serve Osayu (hot water), and invites the guests to Koshikake. The last guest should offer to serve the Osayu for the Hanto. Before leaving the machiai everybody should Haiken Tokonoma one last time. The last guest should also place the Osayu cups close to the door.

The Hanto will go and put the door the guests should use leaving the machiai in Tegakari and put out the first pair of Zori (sandals) for the Shokyaku. As each guest leaves machiai they put out Zori for the next guest.

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