Konnichian is a two mat chashitsu that was built at the back of the Senke property by Sen Sotan for his retirement. It became the first chashitsu of the Ura branch of the Senke family. Originally the branch was called by the name of it’s chashitsu, as was the custom of the time, but the “nickname” Urasenke superseded it.

Today the word Konnichian can mean either Sen Sotans two mat chashitsu, the complex of chashitsu on Urasenkes property, or as a synonym to Urasenke.

Dates of Note

1648 – Sen Sotan (71) retires, and has Konnichian built in the back of the property.

1788 – During the great fire Konnichian suffers damage.

1839 – Gengensai expands the Konnichian tea complex.

1949 – Konnichian is registrated as a non-profit organization by Tantansai