The host uses the Fukusa (袱紗) for purifying the utensils during the Chaji/Temae. Fukusa is used for purifying different tea containers, chashaku etc. It is made of a piece of silk, which is folded at a side and sewn at the other three sides. It is nearly square, but a side is small little longer than the other one, so that a slight rectangle develops.


Men and women often use different colored Fukusa. Women typically use a color associated with male energy (Yang), while men use a color such as violet, representative of female energy (Yin). Older men may use green. Ladies a brightly red or orange Fukusa. Ladies may also select fukusa with other decoration at less formal occasions to fit their Kimono. As in all things, balance is essential.

The two colors – violet and red – are already in China holy colors. The dark violet stands for the shade, which darken, for Yin – coolness, dampness, the north side of the river, which earthcling, the female.

The bright red stands for fire, light, the dry, the south side of the mountain, the male for Yang -. The philosophy is it that Yin and Yang, which should be always balanced male ones and the female. Only then are the things and are humans in the harmonious equilibrium.

Men carry therefore for the reconciliation of their prevailing Yang energy the dark, female color, ladies the bright, male.