5th generation Jōsō Sōshitsu (1673-1704) 常叟 宗室

Fukyūsai 不休斎

The only child born to Sensô.When his father passed away he took his place with the Maeda family as their tea master. He was only 22 years at the time. He started the tradition of taking the Soshitsu name, as a hereditary name for the Urasenke school. In 1703 he became the chatô (head of tea affairs) for Hisamatsu Sadanao, head of the Iyo Matsuyama clan. He keept this position for only a short time as he passed away the next year. However, all succeeding Iemotos of Urasenke up to and including Gengensai continued to serve as chatô for the Hisamatsu family.