A Tokonoma placed in on the Geza side of a tea room.

Usually tokonoma is places diagonally across the room from Sadoguchi, in Kamiza. In some rooms this is not the case.

Shokyaku will sit in front of a gezadoko during the First Seki, but if it is a Hiroma he will be seated nearer the host (where he would sit in a room with tokonoma in the regular place) during the Second Seki. One explanation for this is that Shokyaku should not have to walk to far to get anything. During the first seki he only needs to get the kogo, but during the second there is many items he needs to get. Therefor he is seated nearer during the second seki. If on the other hand it is a koma, the distance is so small anyway so he is allways seated in the highest seat.