A type of glazed ceramic most commonly of a white or cream color, but it may take on orange or reddish coloration with use. Areas of rose or gray coloration maybe present depending of the process of firing the pot. Produced in the Hagi region of Japan this style of ceramic originated in Korea.

Hagi chawan by Miwa Kyuwa named “Miyama” or “Beautiful Mountain” by Sokuchusai
Miwa Kyusetsu Hagi mizusashi of the Shira Hagi type.
A Haikaburi Hagi mizusashi by Miwa Kyusetsu,
Hagi mizusashi by Miwa Kyusetsu. This is of the Haikaburi (ash covered) type named “Ancient Hermitage” by Sokuchusai
Hagi ware chawan by Miwa Kyuwa. This is chawan produced for the 70th anniversary of the potter and named by the 13th head of the Omotesenke tea school, Sokuchsai. The chawan is Named “Yamamoto” or mountain village.
Oni Hagi chawan by Miwa Kyusetsu
Oni Hagi chawan by Miwa Kyusetsu