Higashi – Hoshi-kingyoku

sugar 250g
water 500cc
Kanten powder 4g
mizuame(option al) 15g
food colouring

  • Disolve kanten in the water.
  • add sugar and cook on medium heat, always mixing
  • once boiling add mizuame and mix
  • let the liquid boil till become heavy, always mixing. Once the liquid start to pull thread stop cooking.
  • Pour liquid in the oiled container and try to clean any bubbles on the surface using a spoon
  • let it cool down
  • when solid take it out from container and put on kitchen paper and dry any remaining water on surface
  • using shaped cutter, cut shaped out and let them dry on oiled surface or net.
  • dry them for 1-2 days till an outside hard skin is formed.