Higashi – Kizatou

Kizatou (生砂糖) is a Higashi that can easily be shaped or pressed.

Powdered sugar 100g 100g 100g
Kambaiko Mochi rice flour 15g 27g 50g
Katakuri-ko As needed
Hot water 10cc 20ml 2 tbspoon
Oil (optional) 1-2 drops


  • Mix the sugar and the flour.
  • Gradualy add hot water and mix
  • Knead mixture until smooth and pliable.
  • Add color if desired.
  • Cut and shape.
    • roll it to a flat sheet, use a small cooki cuter to make shapes
    • roll it to a flat sheet, cut strips and roll them up as a coil
    • sculpt them.


The three alternative are recipes that I have found called either Fukiyose or Kizato.