Large tea room.

Yo Jo Han (4.5 mat) and larger Chashitsu. Usually defined as rooms with a seperate fumikomi tatami. Se the Chashitsu for more information.

Some large tea room does not have a fumikomi tatami, even though they might be 8 or more tatami large. In such cases the temae is chosen as if it was a Koma.


This image show the layout of a standard hachijo. The square is where the ro is usually placed. The space to the left of tokonoma can be left empty or a daime tatami can be added to make it a hachijo daime.
Hachijo is a very popular size. This image show how a hachijo can be used as a Yo Jo Han for Keiko with spare space on the remaining 3 tatami for students not participating in that temae.