KAN 鐶  Kan

Open rings for lifting Kama made of iron, Sahari, Nanryo, etc.; konomi and asobi many shapes- kagi 鍵; manji 卍字; dragonfly- tombo 蜻蛉; polishing reed- togusa 砥草; kutsu- horse bit 轡; split in half; sasage- long beans 大角豆; chobari -for lateral kan, square cross section, etc.; ou-kan 大鐶, ito-kan 糸 large loops for tsurigama 釣釜 surface texture – ishi-me 石目 ; inlaid zoうgan 象眼 tsukekan 付鐶 – kan attached to old style kettle, eg : tsukigi, unryu

There is a slight difference in the way you use Kan ment for Temae and kan meant for use in the Mizuya. The temae kan one usuall trust so when lifting the kettle it is perfectly ok that the opening in the kan is close to the lugs. But when using mizuya kan (lower image) you allways turn the kan so that the opening face up.