Nagaita is a long board that goes under the (Furo) and the Mizusashi.

Nagaita so kazari

With a nagaita you can also do Nagaita So Kazari temae, in which you place the Kensui with the Futaoki inside, and a Shakutate with Kazaribashi and Kazaribishaku inside.

Notes Furo Koicha
These notes only explains some of the major points to remember, especially those that differ from Koicha Hakobi.

After moving the chawan and chaire so that they stand in front of mizusashi, take the kensui with both hands, and set it down to your left with left hand.
Then take the kazaribashi and put them to the left of the nagaita.
Take futaoki out of kensui and put it back on the ita.

First take the kama lid off.
Then take out the hishaku.

In the end place the hishaku in the shakutate.
Then replace the kama lid.
Then the mizusashi lid.

After the guests ask for haiken, move the futaoki forward.
Put the kazaribashi back into the shakutate.

When bringing in the mizutsugi, sit in front of the mizusashi, but place it in the center.
After refilling the mizusashi, bring back the kensui. Carry it with one hand as normal, but set it down with two.
Put the kensui inside and move it up with both hands to its start position.
Then leave the room and return later for the haiken dogu.

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