Omogashi – Tsubu-an

Red beans (azuki) 300g
Granulated sugar 200-250g
pinch of salt

Rinse the beans and remove dust
add 600cc water and boil at high heat
once it boils, add som 200cc cold water to reduce temperature
when the water boils again, keep boiling it untill the beans skins become smooth again. add some cold water every time the water boils over.
discard the water and rinse the beans roughly
put the beans back to a pan, add 800cc water and boil it again for 2 minutes, and discarde the water and rins the beans again
put the beans and 850cc water and boil it at high heat
when the water started to boil, reduce the heat and boil beans for 40-60 minutes at low heat until the beans are soft. (When the level of water becomes too low, add some water to keep the beans beneath the water. do not stir while boiling)
when the beans are cooked, pour the beans into a cloth and squeeze it softly
put the bean paste in a frying pan, add sugar in three even sized portion, letting the moisture evaporate each time you add sugar.
add a pinch of salt and keep stirring it until it gets firm
divide it to several portions on a tray and cool ti.
The bean paste can be frozen for a few months.