Rinji chaji

Rinji chaji means – “emergency tea” for which there are no rules whatsoever. A chajin while entertaining guests suddenly decides to give a chaji at the very moment. Surely the shogo chaji will form the framework, yet improvisation is foremost. When one understands the nature of chaji, the various elements will fall naturally into place. The true chajin is perhaps always ready to serve tea to friends. Good friends, who are familiar with chanoyu, will contribute to the project; one guest might fix the soup, another select and arrange flower. Diaries relate of tea served spontaneously by Rikyu and Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the ruler of Japan four hundred years ago; host and guest being relatively interchangeable roles. The chaji is manifestation of Japan´s heritage and creativity, yet, Rikyu and other great tea masters have contributed so very much to the culture of their country that their way has become virtually analogous with Japan´s heritage.