Schools of Chanoyu

Schools of chanoyu:

  • San Senke
  • Yabunouchi Ryu – founded by Jochi Yabunouchi (1536-1627).
  • Enshu Ryu – founded by Kobori Enshu (1579-1647)
  • Sohen Ryu – founded by Yamada Sohen a disciple of Sen Sotan
  • Matsuo Ryu – founded by Suji Genya
  • Endosenke Ryu – founded Kawakami Fuhaku. He went Edo in the direction of the 7th generation Omotesenke master and founded this school
  • Sekishu Ryu – founded by Katagiri Sekishu (1605 ~ 1673) Sekishu School was appointed as tea ceremony style of Shogunate family by the third Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu (1604 ~ 1651) This is the daimyo style school which was most spread through the Edo times.
  • Dai Nippon Sado Gakai (the great Japanese Tea Academy)
  • Ueda Soko Ryu – founded by Ueda Soko, a student of Oribe
    • As of 2018 there are aproximately 2.000 people studying Ueda Soko Ryu