The settsu’in, setchin, suna setchin – sand toilet is usually attached to the Koshikake, preferably not close to Shokyaku. It may have a urinal plus several flat rocks to squat between. A “shit stick” hangs on wall to cover pile with kaishi and sand. A water pitcher stone is also part of the arrangement. Because of its function, it must be kept exceptionally pure and clean, dampened and wiped with zokin so that baseboards remain damp after Guests appear. A small chozubachi is always nearby. Chozu-bishaku are always turned face down (tsukubaibishaku always are turned to the left; mizuya-bishaku, called kaigen, are always face up). Always inspect the setchin even if it is not used.


Kaishi or towels

Setchinbishaku 雪隠柄杓; wide, shallow bentwood cedar ladle