Shichijishiki is a group of Tea exercises. They were created in 1747 by the combined effort of Joshinsai, Itto and the abbot of Mugaku Soen of DAitokuji. Supposedly it took 10 years to develop them.

In Shichijishiki the participant draw lots to determin their roles. Hira kagetsu is the simplest where 5 participants draw lots (moon, flower, and 1-3). Durin the exercise they make 5 bowls of usucha. The lots determins who will make and drink the tea. The exersise involves alot of moving about the room to acommodate changing guests and host.

The lots are kept in a pouch called Orisue.

The exercise require all participants to be very focused and pay close attention to what is happening as they never know what their next role will be. When played by Japanese this exersise is typically done with a much lighter mood than other temaes. Laughter is ofthen heard during shichijishiki.