This is the temae used for placing charcoal in to the Furo or Ro. In the summer season it is normally done after the Kaiseki food has been served, while in the Ro season it is done right after the Aisatsu and before serving the Kaiseki.

There are some variations of this Temae depending on circumstances and so forth:

  • Shozumi Tana –
    Shozumi Hakobi –
    Bonkogo – When you have a special Kogo with a story.
  • Sumi shomo – Asking the guests to place the sumi.
    Nagaita –
  • Ryurei Shozumi –


  • Sumitori
  • Hane
  • Hibashi
  • Kogo
  • Kan
  • Haiki
  • Haisaji
  • Dialog

All the rest of the utensils should or may be asked about at an appropriate moment during the temae. Some minor utensils may be left for Gozumi If Shokyaku is fairly sure there will be Gozumi.