Rikyu is said to have used this type of Tana to make Tea at the battle camp of Odawara. The tana is also said to be modeled on a armour box. The middle shelf is loose. While doing Tea on the grass this shelf can be removed and used to place utensils on.

Yachiyo-dana is a very similar type of tana.

Tabidansu is 33.8cm wide, 26.7cm deep, and 44.7cm high. It is usually created made of unfinished paulownia wood.

Natsume is placed on the middle shelf.
The latch is never removed, just lift it up to free the door.
For Koicha
It start open with chaire infront.
Shifuku goes on top
After refilling Mizusashi move the mizusashi back, and close the tana.

For Usucha
It starts closed
When retriving the Haiken dogu, place natsume inside and close the tana