Takeno Jōō

Takeno Jo-o (1502-1555) studied Zen Buddhisms under Sosen and Dairin Sōtō (1480-1568) of Daitoku-ji Rinzai Zen head monastery. He learned tea from Souchin a disciple of Murata Shukou.

He took the tonsure and the name Jo-o at an age of 31.

Jōō was the first to use the wabi to describe tea ascetic.

Sen Rikyu was his most outstanding disciple.

Jōō Introduced many new utensils into tea, the bamboo futaoki, plain wood well bucket, and fukurodana are some of them.

Takeno Jo-o’s family merchant trading in leather. Leather workers were considered one of the most “poluted” groups of people. Takeno Jo-o illustrate the class mobility of his time as he was able to be merchant, military, priest, aristocrat and artist during his life.