Tana: Yachiyo-dana

The Yachiyo-dana functions as both a traveling cabinet for chadogu and a tana during temae, similar to the Rikyu konomi Tabi-dansu. Although a konomi of the 14th iemoto Tantansai, the Yachiyo-dana, like the Chitosebon, was actually designed and created by his wife, Kayoko. The interior and exterior of the Yachiyo-dana is finished in red tame-nuri unlike the kiji interior and exterior of the Tabi-dansu; and both sides of this tana display carved shippo designs.

The front panel is covered in paper streaked with gold leaf and features a single silver handle also shaped in the shippo design. The Yachiyo-dana has only two shelves as compared to the three of the Tabi-dansu. The middle shelf of the Tabi-dansu is removable for use as a platform when performing shibadate. Likewise, two kiji planks stored in notches in the top interior corners of the Yachiyo-dana can be removed used used as platforms.

A poem card (shikishi) with “Kimi ga Yo,” a hymn to the Emperor written by Kayoko, is found on the interior of the door of the original Yachiyo-dana. Yachiyo, literally meaning, “for myriads of ages,” references the reign of the Emperor, and all happy occasions in general.