Temae – Rangai – Wakindate


Permission to study Wakindate is granted when permission is granted to study the Shikaden temaes.  Although it is often referred to as a shikaden temae, technically it is not.  In this temae, a Nakatsugi container is clothed in a shifuku (cloth pouch).  It is placed on a kobukusa made of the same fabric as the shifuku.  The fabric is a meibutsugire (classic, historical patterned fabric) or fabric received from a noble person.

The nakatsugi is unfinished wood on the outside (usually mulberry)  and lined in gold inside.

This temae was revived by Gengensai (Urasenke XI) from an old temae that had discontinued.

‘Wakin’ means ‘soft cloth’ and thus lends it’s name to this procedure.