Temae – Wakin

Created by Gengensai, the 11th iemoto.

There are severeal explanations of how and why this temae was created:

This procedure features a piece of cloth (wakin) that once belonged to Emperor Kokaku (1780-1817). Gengensai made a cloth bag (shifuku) for a paulownia wood tea container (nakatsuki) and kobukusa from the material and displayed them together. Tantansai altered the presentation by substituting an unlacquered nakatsuki container of mulberry wood.

Another one has it that there was no cloth, but that after giving tea to the emperor there was some tea left. This tea was used when gengensai invited some friends over to comemorate the occation. They recieved as gifts a nakatsugi and a chashaku. And it is from this that the temae came.

Nakatsugi used in Wakin