Chawan Kazari 茶碗荘

Chawan Kazari (茶碗飾り) is a temae performed when there is a special connection between the host and the guest through the chawan. It can also be used if the chawan was received as a gift.


  • Mizusashi
  • Chawan, with special meaning or connection between host and guest
  • Chakin
  • Chasen
  • Chashaku
  • Kobukusa
  • Chaire
  • Kensui
  • Ao Take Futaoki
  • Hishaku
  • Kama
  • Furo or Ro depending on season.

Temae Video


Everything is the same as regular koicha except that the guest will ask “Chawan no goyuisho wa?” (茶碗のご由緒は) just before the host picks up the chawan after it has been returned by the guests. The host will respond with the explanation for why he is doing kazari temae for this chawan.