Temae – Irekodate

Irekodate is a temae originally designed for the very young or the old. It was designed so that the host would need to stand up as few times as possible. Therefore, the chawan is carried in inside a magemono kensui. The natsume, futaoki and hishaku are already resting on the tana when the host enters. There is no haiken at the end, and the mizusashi is not replenished. To let the guest know that the mizusashi will not be replenished, the host leaves her fukusa on top of the mizusashi.


This can be done for both seasons.


This is a informal temae. It does not have a lot of meaning in the context of a chaji, as a chaji requires that the host be able to stand and sit a great many times. It is a short temae; because of that, it is well suited for hosts/guests that are unable to be seated in seiza for a prolonged time.


  • Tana
  • Mizusashi with lacquered lid.
  • Natsume
  • Futaoki made of metal or ceramic.
  • Hishaku
  • Magemono (bentwood)  kensui
  • Chawan
  • Chasen
  • Chakin
  • Chashaku

Temae Video



  • Furo: Scoot sideways so you sit in-front of tana before lifting chawan + natsume onto the tana. Place the fukusa from this position too. Scoot back before turning to naname for picking up kensui.