Temae – NagaO


Nagao 長緒 is a koicha temae belonging to the first group of eight temae in Konarai (see kyojo). In this temae a daikai (“great sea”) or nakai (“inner sea”) shape chaire is used. The title Nagao actually refers to the long cord belonging to the shifuku that accompanies these types of chaire. The variations from the basic koicha temae are related to the process of typing the knot in the long cord of the shifuku and the handling of the shifuku and cord.

The daikai chaire has a very important place in history as the priest Eisai carried the first tea seeds to be planted in Japan inside a daikai chaire during his return journey from China. Upon his return to Kyoto, Eisai planted these seeds in Uji.


  • Chaire daikai or naikai shape
  • Mizusashi
  • Chawan
  • Chasen
  • Chashaku
  • Chakin
  • Futaoki
  • Hishaku
  • Kensui
  • Kobukusa not needed if the chawan is raku
  • Kama
  • Furo or Ro depending on the season

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