Temae – Ryakubon

The Ryakubon (略盆) temae is the temae most Urasenke students start learning. As a temae it is somewhat abbreviated, but everything you learn from it can be used in higher temaes.



  • Binkake
  • Tetsubin
  • Marubon
  • Chawan
  • Chasen
  • Chakin
  • Chashaku
  • Natsume
  • Kensui

Temae Video


As the host you can either face the Furo during the whole temae or you can turn 45 degrees towards the guest. If you turn you would pick up the bon after placing the Kensui and turn with it. And you would turn back just before leaving with the Kensui.


Many teachers have their students pull the Kensui back in the end of the temae, as is done for Hakobi temae, this is not a part of the Ryakubon temae. They do this to make it easier for the students to remember this in later temaes.