Temae – Rules

This are some “rules” for temaes. Or one could say observations about what is always the same in the nyumon and konarai temaes.

  • Always take the mizusashi lid off and put it back on with right hand. Put it on the tatami/tana with right hand if the mizusashi is to the right of your body and left hand if it is on the left side. Or in other words with the closest hand.
  • Always pick up the shifuku facing the same direction as when you put it down, and also with the same hand (This is not true for kinindate koicha in Ro season).
  • For hakobi temae always use aodake futaoki or take – bamboo futaoki with Kao.
  • In the end when separating the tea bowl and the natsume/chaire, the chawan is moved to the wall with right hand if it is left of center, with right-left if it is in center or right-left-right if it is to the right of center.
  • Konorai is all Sotozumi except NagaO, Tsusumibukusa and Otsubukuro that are Uchizumi.
  • In koma all temae are Uchizumi.