Tsutsujawan (筒茶碗)

Tsutsujawan or Tsutsu chawan as it is often pronounced is a tall teabowl used during the winter. It is most often used for usucha

Temae Video


  • The chawan is brought in with the chakin in a twist standing up on the left side of the chasen
  • You may handle the bowl as you do any other bowl, or you may hold it from the side and from the bottom when pouring out water
  • Temae order
    • Procede as normal
    • Take out chasen
    • Move chawan forward
    • Lift up hishaku to kamae
    • Remove kama lid
    • Move the chakin to the lid, with the ears of the twist towards the host
    • Scop hot water to the chawan
    • Return hishaku to kama
    • Place the chasen into the chawan
    • Refold chakin
    • Place chakin on the kama lid
    • Do chasen toshi
    • Pour out water
    • Clean the bottom of chawan first
    • Then clean the side
    • Place chawan down on tatami holding it inside the chakin
    • Remove chakin and refold it